1. 4 video-art projections "Hypnosis" "Guests" "Pilots" and "Temptations" created for screening during live concert by Daniel Sinaisky (aka Sinichkin), Israel, 2008

  2. "LaLAla" a very short film, Israel, (2008)

  3. animated shorts for “Funny Pictures” – a feature film by Michael Teplitsky, Israel, 2006

  4. directing and animating TV series for Jetix and Baby channels, Israel, 2006-2008

  5. “Pepper Mamma Happy Holidays” – a short greeting animation, Israel, 2005

  6. "The Missing Book" (a student graduation project - created as a pilot for an interactive animated e-book), Lithuania/Israel, 2005

  7. “Our Plasticine Life” - animating a short claymation, based on my father’s script, Israel/Lithuania, 1995

  1. -2008 – The Art Academy honor prize for best illustrated children's book (for the book “Vitamin’s Riot” by Cheslovas Navakauskas).

  2. -2005 – NordLB bank prize for the best graduation project.

  3. -2005 – The prize for the best student film in “Tindirindis” International Animation festival in Vilnius, Lithuania (for the film “The Missing Book”).


+32 487 889400 (Belgium)

+1 347 809 6757 (USA)

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  1. -2013-current. Work in Luxembourg studio 352 as an animator

  2. -2010-2012. Main work in Ireland and Germany as an animator on feature films and TV series in animation studios Cartoon Saloon, Kavaleer, Schesch Filmkreation.

  3. -15.9.2010. Son David was born - moved to Belgium to live with the family.

  4. -2009-2010. Living and working in USA. Working on several independent projects with K.K.Kuzminsky, mainly on an art book about a Russian artist Vasily Sitnikov.

  5. -2005-2008. Work as a director and animator in studio Pitchi Poy, Israel. At the same time, teaching Flash animation and drawing in Camera Obscura School of Art, Tel Aviv. Also worked on several independent projects.

  6. -1999-2005. Studied for Master’s degree at the Vilnius Art Academy (VDA) as a graphic artist. Artistic skills developing into a professional level. During this time worked as an animator, art director and co director in the Lithuanian film Studio, also worked on several animation projects independently. Several children books were published. In 2005 have received a prize for the best student film at the Lithuanian international animation film festival.

  7. -Worked in animation studios as an artist and an assistant.

  8. -1995 – 1998. Israeli Army.

  9. -1991 – 1995. Studied in “Thelma Yelin” art school.

  10. -1990 – Immigrated to Israel.

  11. -1976 – Born in Vilnius, Lithuania.